Will Smith Was All Smiles as He Helped Raise $10 Million for Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump’s College of Law

Will Smith Was All Smiles as He Helped Raise $10 Million for Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump’s College of Law

Will Smith just showed his backing for Ben Crump’s law school by helping raise donations for it. Crump was honored not only to start his school but to get big support from other influential icons for his cause. The attorney recently had a star-studded dedication ceremony and received support with a whopping amount.

A dedication ceremony is where the head of the school gives a speech before making the institution available to the public. Will Smith decided to surprise and crash the event to show his support for the honorable attorney.

Will Smith is proud as he shows his generous support to Ben Crump’s new school

The King Richard actor was all smiles as he helped raise $10 million for Ben Crump’s college recently. As per TMZ, St. Thomas University for Law in Miami changed its name to Benjamin L. Crump College of Law. Musicians George Clinton and Bishop T.D. Jakes also helped to raise money for the cause. It would allow more black students to have access to legal education. Smith is said to have also donated an undisclosed amount to the cause. 

The 54-year-old even went on to the stage during the ceremony to express how proud he was to be there. “We’re so grateful to everybody who donated to this mission,” said Crump when thanking everyone for the donations. The name change happened in order to build bridges between races and honor the attorney for his work. It makes him the first black attorney to receive an honor at this level.

But what led Crump to receive an honor of this level? It is a result of his civil activism to help people and defend people of the black community against atrocities.

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Why celebrities are supporting Ben Crump

There is a reason why Ben Crump received support from the likes of Will Smith and other celebrities. The attorney famously represents victims of police brutality. This includes the families of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, as well as Jacob Blake. The attorney aims to change the way the policing system works. By educating the black community, they could have better knowledge of their rights.

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