“He as a person is something…” – Will Smith Forever Changed This Antiguan Tuc Tuc Driver’s Life and René Antonio Has Some Things to Say About It

“He as a person is something…” – Will Smith Forever Changed This Antiguan Tuc Tuc Driver’s Life and René Antonio Has Some Things to Say About It

Having your own business and earning good money from it is one of the most satisfactory feelings. However, what if it changes forever after an intervention of a celebrity? Well, this is a story of a tuc tuc driver named René Antonio Castillo, whose life changed when a celebrity named Will Smith intervened in his business for a documentary he was shooting. Let’s find out if it was for the good or not.

René Antonio Castillo has been living in Antigua for 15 years. He assisted unnumbered tourists with the tour on his tuc tuc. The man bought his vehicle with a loan, which he paid back with honest work. With gratitude, he lived with his family very happily until he received a call from a production team. His life has changed ever since.

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How did Will Smith change a common man’s life?

Originally from India, tuc tuc was first used by a supermarket owner in Antigua. René is one other person who uses the transport vehicle to make a living. One day he received a call from a team of producers asking to hire his tuc tuc for a documentary shoot, reported Republica. They told René he would be working with a celebrity. As the deal was confirmed, out of excitement, he told his family about it and they thought they would encounter Ricardo Arjona. However, just 10 minutes before the shooting, he got to know that he had to shoot with Will Smith.

In a situation like this, it was difficult for him to stay calm as he was going to work with the Oscar-winning actor. Well, describing the actor, René said, “He as a person is something incredible, a very good person.” He also added Smith was humble, and always made everyone laugh. Smith was inspiring and boosted his confidence. Following this intervention by the Aladdin actor, René received numerous texts and calls, saying he was famous. People around him made him feel loved and happy.

Actually, Smith also posted the clip on his Instagram as well, which made René a little more famous. Because of the video, his business got more recognition and his life changed ever since. He said the video opened doors for him. Getting to know Antigua in Will Smith’s tuc tuc is a collaborative production of Naranja Media and República. The documentary follows the stories of the streets of Antigua.

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What are your thoughts about it? How would you have reacted if something like this happened to you? Share your views with us below.

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