How Will Smith Once Played Cupid for a Radio Star With an “epic plan”

How Will Smith Once Played Cupid for a Radio Star With an “epic plan”

If there is someone who knows how to win hearts, it obviously has to be Will Smith. An artist who got the best of both worlds, music, and acting, mostly through his charms. Furthermore, the actor has been married for more than two decades to Jada Smith. And judging by the way he slapped Chris Rock when he smelled disrespect towards his wife, he still has the fire.

Given his experience, Will Smith was just the right advisor for an RJ who wanted to propose to his girlfriend. Back in 2019, when Smith was in the hustle and bustle of Aladdin‘s promotions, Smith met an Australian reporter, Kris Fade, and changed his life.

How did Will Smith help Kris Fade plan the perfect proposal?

In 2019, when Kris Fade was yet to appear in Dubai Bling on Netflix, he had already gotten a movie star moment with Will Smith. During the promotion of the live-action Aladdin, the actor stopped by to talk about all things middle eastern and Aladdin. However, he ended up staying for a much bigger reason. When Fade revealed that he was thinking of proposing to his now wife, Brianna Fade, Smith’s face immediately lit up with an idea.

Kris Fade said on the I’ve Got News For You podcast, “His idea was pretty epic“. Smith narrated his plan, which consisted of him taking a selfie with Fade’s girlfriend, as the radio presenter surprises her by getting down on one knee behind them.

And who would say no when a megastar like Will Smith offers to be a part of your proposal? Definitely not Kris Fade, who now enjoys an estimated net worth of 1.5 million and a happy wife.

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Will Smith’s advice to the ‘Dubai Bling’ couple

Thanks to Netflix’s Dubai Bling, the couple has become an all-time favorite. The show ventures into how Kris Fade went from a car washer to a millionaire and one of the biggest radio hosts in the UAE.

The Aladdin actor advised the couple to always cherish the love they have right now, even when things get difficult. Not only did the Pursuit of Happyness actor help in making the proposal epic, but also shared with them advice that they will probably cherish for the entirety of their lives.

Did you know that Will Smith could play a love guru? Let us know in the comments below.

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