Will Smith Brings Back His Lighter Side With a Dance Video, Post the Oscar Debacle

Will Smith Brings Back His Lighter Side With a Dance Video, Post the Oscar Debacle

The Will Smith we grew up knowing was a funny, light-hearted man. The man that turned his rapper identity into an A-list Hollywood celebrity. During the process, fans have seen his highs and lows through time, and even his rock bottom. The I am Legend actor won Oscar and several awards throughout his thirty-plus years in the industry. Unfortunately, the built-up image began crumbling pretty quickly at the same awards this year.

The much-discussed incident of Will willingly slapping Chris Rock across the face during the Academy records raised a lot of eyebrows. The family man acted out in defense of his wife, getting himself banned from the awards for a decade. While the aftermath of the event refuses to die down, Smith seems to be trying to move on now. In a video uploaded by him, the actor is all smiling as he grooves along to the music.

Will Smith shows his fun side dancing in a video

Will Smith recently celebrated his 54th birthday, and he seems to be taking a break from all the negative attention. In an Instagram post, The Men in Black actor used a waves filter to creatively make up a dance video. He is grooving to the song Zaptaeando Juyayay by Jayac, with the caption “I’m a genie in a bottle baby #Ecuador.” The video begins with his hands together above his head, then squatting sideways. This may remind you of his character Genie from the Disney live-action movie Aladdin (2019).

The actor has a whooping 63+ million followers on Instagram, who are kept entertained by regular posts and a lot of videos. This one in particular received more than 23 million views and 2 million likes. Thousands of fans, including known figures, all praised seeing the actor happy and encouraged him.

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King Richard hero has been in Ecuador for a month now. He is also busy shooting Welcome to Earth, which is a National Geographic/ Disney+ project, in the country. Looks like, despite the drama, Will and his fans are now ready to move ahead from the dark clouds that have followed him in recent months. Did you enjoy his groovy video? Let us know in the comments.

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