Will Adidas Dump $1.3 BN Yeezys? Can You Still Get Your Hands on the Kanye West Yeezys?

Will Adidas Dump $1.3 BN Yeezys? Can You Still Get Your Hands on the Kanye West Yeezys?

Kanye West, who went on an antisemitic rant without a hint of fear in his eyes, said on a podcast, I can say antisemitic things, and Adidas can’t drop me. Now what?. This is how, despite the years, Adidas got into trouble for its lackluster history, dating back to the 1930s. While the brand did eventually drop off Ye after a week following his antisemitic rants, its resistance did not go unnoticed. However, with a heavy heart and one billion dollars at stake, Adidas decided to call off its deal with Kanye West.

The sneaker Moghul is now left with a pile of Yeezy sneakers worth $1.3 BN. Will Adidas win the ethical battle by donating and recycling its leftover Yeezy stock? Or will it use the sneakers to make up for the dip in their money mountain?

Did Adidas get the shorter end of the stick after the Kanye West breakoff?

Greek mythology speaks of Silenus Midas, a King rewarded by Dionysus with the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. Ye at the surface possesses a sprinkle of both the curse and blessing that Midas acquired. After Nike, the Grammy-winning brought Adidas an estimated $1.8 billion dollar of grandeur and glory annually. However, all that is left of this famous tale is shoes worth billions sitting in a corner. Adidas’ new CEO also warned that the Yeezy enigma can result in a loss ranging from $750 million to 1.3 billion for the company.

An expert in sustainable fashion offered a solution through Guardian that the leftover Yeezys can be “recycled responsibly“. While it would bring them applause, recycling the Yeezy shoes will result in little to no monetary benefit.

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Considering how the brand tested the waters by keeping Ye on the boat after his antisemitic tweets, for their economic benefit, it seems unlikely.

Will Adidas sell Yeezys again?

The stack of Yeezys originally worth $1.3 BN are probably worth more now, considering that the rapper isn’t coming out with any new pieces. Even without the price hike, the Yeezy sneakers can rack in more benefits for Adidas than its deal with Beyoncé, which reportedly has not proved as fruitful as they thought it would.

Experts claim that relaunching the Yeezys would give them a shot at “reclaiming the narrative” if they chose to donate a part of the profits to Holocaust survivors.

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This would prove to be a hit for Kanye West as well, owing to his 100% ownership of the brand. Both Adidas and Kanye West can bring back Yeezys and the billions that it entails by making “Holocaust memorial shoes“.

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