Despite Losing Out on Million Dollar Partnerships, Kanye West Still Retains the Millionaire Tag, How Is He Still Worth $400?

Despite Losing Out on Million Dollar Partnerships, Kanye West Still Retains the Millionaire Tag, How Is He Still Worth $400?

After the big setback that Kanye West faced last year, you would expect the rapper to struggle financially, especially since reports of him not paying his lawyers and staff made the rounds. His erratic behavior, White Lives Matter controversy, and his hate comments cost him millions in partnership deals. Gap, Balenciaga, Adidas, and Vogue all ended their contract with the Donda rapper, dealing a crushing blow to his financial health.

Declared a billionaire in 2020, Forbes re-evaluated his wealth once again in 2022 and his latest net worth now stands at $400 million. At least Ye has not lost his millionaire tag yet, but how? 

The streaming figure for Kanye West is staggeringly high 

Despite facing public cancelation in the wake of the White Lives Matter controversy, Ye’s music was streamed 13.1 million times and the numbers have remained the same without dipping in the later months. His radio airplay does not compare to his streaming numbers but he remains one of the most popular musicians. 

His music remains available on major streaming platforms and he continues to earn from that. Kanye West has also sold around 160 million albums globally. The College Dropout rapper owns livestock worth  $30,000 and automobiles worth $3.8 million, according to Forbes. Among his luxury assets, there is a $50,000 super-fast tank, Porsche 991, Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss, Lamborghini Urus, and BAC Mono. There is also a $750,000 worth Lamborghini Aventador from Kim Kardashian and a $180,000 watch from Tiret.

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West also holds a $14M property in Wyoming and Tadao Ando’s designed $57.3 million dollar mansion in Malibu. He also bought a $4.5 M property near Kardashian’s Hidden House after their split. On top of everything, he owns 5% of SKIMS’ shares. 

Ye remains the most popular artists fans want to see perform at Super Bowl 

If the figures are any indication, West’s music is still a crowd-puller. In fact, the father of North West trended for the second time for not performing at Superbowl. Kanye famously refused to perform because he wanted a bigger paycheck.

Fans hoped to see the rapper join Rihanna in All of Lights, but the producer was a no show. Although, he did attend the event last year along with his kids. He gave it a complete miss this year. If he wants, Ye can still hold concerts and expect a houseful!

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