Why Starring in ‘Zootopia’ Was Very Personal To Jason Bateman

Why Starring in ‘Zootopia’ Was Very Personal To Jason Bateman

Hollywood stars and celebrities contribute to the industry for various reasons. While some do it for the art of filmmaking and acting, others do it to establish a stable financial status. Whatsoever, it is always either their own passion or dreams that they follow. However, imminent director and actor, Jason Bateman have a different and yet sweet driving force behind making one of his movies. 

In contrast to his typical criminal classics and thriller masterminds, the Ozark star also had a beautiful experience in being a part of a Disney movie. However, when asked about the reasons behind such a striking difference in his choice of movies, Jason opened up about what made him do it. Here is what he said. 

Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde in Zootopia 

Although not present as himself on-screen, Jason lent his voice to one of the main characters in the story. He had his dry wit and humor perfectly delivered to the role of Nick Wilde, a lovely con artist fox. Experiencing the voice acting process for the first time, Jason did face some challenges in the movie. However, he overcame it all for a reason that is way too personal for him. 

While opening up to Good Morning America, Jason revealed his call for collaborating with Disney for the first time. The star confessed that although he is not a great fan of the genre, he, however, watches it for his two little daughters.I see mostly these kinds of movies because I have two little girls, nine and four (their ages),” affirmed the star. Hence, as his daughters love to watch Disney movies as such, he “wanted to work in one.”

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The star known for his thrilling unconventional movies and series has achieved enormous stardom and recognition in the industry. Especially after his latest blockbuster hit, Ozark Bateman joined the Emmy Winner club for his out-of-the-box direction and acting as well.

At present, the star is working on his two more upcoming deals with Netflix. One of them would be starring Hollywood A-lister John Cena while the other will be an Ozark-Esque masterpiece

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