After Ozark’s Smash Hit, Crime and Thriller ‘Trailblazer’ Jason Bateman To Come Up With Another Biggie With Netflix

After Ozark’s Smash Hit, Crime and Thriller ‘Trailblazer’ Jason Bateman To Come Up With Another Biggie With Netflix

Although the blockbuster crime and thriller series of the year came to end earlier this year, Ozark has been and always will be in our hearts forever. The show by the King of dark crime and mayhem, Jason Bateman set a benchmark for all future thrillers to come. But what if it is again Bateman making a comeback with another Ozark-esque piece? 

Ozark fans, we are enthralled to bring this good news to you. Our very own Emmy Winner actor-director Jason Bateman is all set to start working on another project with Netflix. However this time it is a movie and has been named Dark Wire. Here are a few details that we could dig up so far.

Jason Bateman to direct and produce another crime and mayhem with Netflix 

According to Reports, Dark Wire will be a Netflix original, both directed and produced by Bateman himself. Along with gruesome mystery lovers, it also brings breaking news for nerds as the movie is based on an upcoming novel by Joseph Cox. Hence, the piece will be the first and the latest adaption of the awaited novel. Mathew Orton, the writer of Operation Finale will be putting the plot into words. 

Jason Bateman will be co-producing this upcoming hit film with world-acclaimed Strangers Thing director, Shawn Levy. Hence, it will be a collaborative work between Aggregate Films and 21 Laps Entertainment. The line of the cast of the movie has not been confirmed yet. This also indicates the fact that Jason might once again become the scene-stealer like many of his previous masterpieces.

The movie as described by ProductionWeekly in reports is a story of how the FBI ran an encrypted phone company to establish one of the biggest sting operations in history. From what could be deciphered, the movie is going to be a spine-chilling stretch of a few hours. Until now, no further updates have been made so far. However, we will keep you updated with everything you need to know before it lands on our screens. 

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We are over-the-top excited about the movie, but are you? What are your expectations from the upcoming hit? Comment your thoughts below.

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