Everything We Know of Jason Bateman and John Cena’s Upcoming Netflix Family Drama, ‘Movie Night’

Everything We Know of Jason Bateman and John Cena’s Upcoming Netflix Family Drama, ‘Movie Night’

After blessing our screens with the megahit crime and thriller series Ozark, Jason Bateman has announced a slew of his future projects that are coming up soon. After his disclosure of Dark Wire, the eminent actor-director is to come with another biggie. However, this comes with a cherry on top as he is going to direct none other than John Cena. 

John and Jason have joined hands for a project together, which is anticipated to be an action-comedy. As reported by Variety, the project brings together the cast of Game Night, a masterpiece also directed by Bateman. Named Movie Night with a similar cast members, here is what we might get out of it. 

Jason Bateman and John Cena’s upcoming action-comedy movie

The exclusive news came from Daniel Richtman, a Patreon member who gave some much-needed insights into the movie. According to him, the movie centers around a family stuck in a movie set where nonliving things come to life. The tour bus full of guests tries to escape the horrifying bizarre studio. The movie’s premise makes it a great piece to compare to Night at the Museum, where inanimate objects come to life in a museum.

Netflix will be the host of the movie once it is released. Along with directing the film, Jason Bateman will also be producing it alongside Michael Costigan, Joe Roth, and Jeff Kirschenbaum. Aggregate Films, which produced Ozark and Roth Kirschenbaum Films, will distribute the movie. The stars Jason Bateman and John Cena represent either of them, respectively. 

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John Cena has a plethora of a total of twenty movies on Netflix already. Adding this, it would be his 21st project for the American streaming platform. However, this is his first collaboration with Ozark director, Jason Bateman. The release date was fixed in 2021 back in 2019, when news first surfaced. However, due to some unavoidable reasons, it has been delayed. We will have to wait and see when the movie will reach our screens.

What do you anticipate from the movie? Are you all as excited as we are? Let us know about your anticipations about the same. 

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