Why Not Bypass This Confusion With ‘Heartstopper’ Actors?

Why Not Bypass This Confusion With ‘Heartstopper’ Actors?

Heartstopper is the newest teen drama show on Netflix, and people are loving it. The show has an all British cast, and writer/showrunner Alice Oseman was persistent in casting Brits for the role. So now that the show has reached the pinnacle of success and critical acclaim. Two of the main protagonists of the show, Kit Connor and Joe Locke, take us along the beautiful city of London, showing us around their favorite places.

So, let us explore the amazing city where the royalty lives with Nick and Charlie.

Heartstopper stars give us a London tour

Charlie (Joe Locke), an openly homosexual nervous youngster, and Nick (Kit Connor), a kind-hearted rugby player, lead the series. They both attend the same all-boys British school, and when they meet, they instantly bond and become friends.

The show has earned instant success, with many people thanking the character of Nick for helping them. So now that the show has reached a substantial amount of success. Netflix is letting the cast chill. And what better what to chill than to visit your favorite spots in the city?

To start the tour, Joe takes us to the first place that the cast hung out: Brick Lane. As per Joe and Kit say, Brick Lane is a trendy street market in London filled with graffiti and has amazing shops.

While talking about how the cast got on with each other, both Joe and Kit say that everything was great, and it all felt like the “first day of school.”

Next spot for the tour was Soho. Soho, according to the two actors, is a really important city with respect to the Heartstopper as it is considered the heart of the LGBTQ+ community. 

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To finish their fun and insightful interview, Kit and Joe talk about the beautiful city of London. Joe even goes on to add that the shooting of the show and his general love for the city have made him spend more time in London than Isle of Man where he originally is from.

What is your favorite spot in London? Let us know in the comments.

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