Why Joyce Byers Is the Unsung Hero of ‘Stranger Things’

Why Joyce Byers Is the Unsung Hero of ‘Stranger Things’

If there is one thing that Stranger Things has shown, it is how every character is a hero in their own way. There are a few on the forefront who get appreciation and garner a fan base, but the unsung heroes can often get lost in the constant discussions about Netflix’s sci-fi series. And Joyce Byers is one of them.

This is one character that has been in the show since the beginning. The one that has been silently suffering, fighting, and always helping out others. With the series nearing its end, this hero deserves a special mention, along with the reasons behind it.

The one underrated Stranger Things character that deserves praise

Stranger Things amazingly showed the bravery of the series’ young characters and their journey while dealing with scary evils. But the one that stood with them all along and deserved more love was Joyce Byers. The character, played by Winona Ryder, acts as a warm blanket of motherly love throughout the story and helps others despite her own pain. As per Screenrant, the character played a crucial role in helping Hopper defeat Demogorgon. Plus, she is not only a mother to Will and Jonathan Byers, but also adopts Eleven.

The character is one of the few adults who believe in the children and helps and advises them when in need. But perhaps the nature of the role makes her seem less significant to the common eye.

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Almost every character has got their well-deserved limelight due to Stranger Things. But the show can give justice to this one character before it bids goodbye.

How Joyce Byers’ story can get her well-deserved end

Considering Eddie’s death, now would be a good time to highlight her importance in consoling the young ones while encouraging them in the final chapters. There will also likely be a look into the characters’ lives after the evil ends. For Byers, this could mean the beginning of her journey, where her emotional support skills can be used to rebuild the community.

It would not only honor the character but also Winona Ryder for playing such a lovable character. With the finale having two parts, the show has plenty of opportunities to end with better justice for the show’s mother.

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