Not Vecna, but THIS Character Is Getting the Most Hate Following the Stranger Things Finale

Not Vecna, but THIS Character Is Getting the Most Hate Following the Stranger Things Finale

Stranger Things‘ beloved gang of Hawkins pals has fought several monsters from the Upside Down over the previous few seasons. Demogorgons? Check. Mind Flayer? Check once more. But the foe that they were up against this season was unlike any other. Vecna was easily the most terrifying and powerful monster in Stranger Things history.

Just one look at the horrifying monster could send chills down anyone’s back. But even apart from all the terrible things that Vecna did, people don’t hate him the most.

After yesterday’s thrilling finale, people have a new character whom they have titled the most hated character. Want to find out who it is? The read-along.

Who is the most hated character in Stranger Things?

It has been almost a day since the Stranger Things fourth season concluded, and the whole world is still in shock at what happened.

There has been no other season that has left a huge void in the heart of the audience, as did this season. And the whole credit for it goes to the big baddie Vecna. All the destruction and death that Vecna brought to all the characters was enough of a reason to despise him.

But people still hate a character more than him. Jason Carver was the newest character to be introduced in this season. However, he has quickly risen to become the most hated too.

His action in the finale, breaking the walkman, which was supposed to bring back Max, blaming and demeaning Eddie for his girlfriend Chrissy Cunningham’s (Grace Van Dien) death, and even getting Lucas and Max killed have made people hate him more than the main antagonist.

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People are increasingly tweeting how they despised Jason and his action.

Jason certainly did a lot of questionable things. But he was fueled by Chrissy’s death which kind of allows us to understand his point of view.

What do you guys think? Was what Jason did justify by his intentions? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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