“She’s always been there emotionally”: When Millie Bobby Brown Couldn’t Stop Praising Winona Ryder at German Comic Con

“She’s always been there emotionally”: When Millie Bobby Brown Couldn’t Stop Praising Winona Ryder at German Comic Con

If anything, Stranger Things has surely introduced us to some of the most enticing characters ever. Each of them have a dark concealed background behind their characters yet are also deeply woven in the lives of others. This interconnection paved the way for the stars to establish a bond among themselves. Although on-set many of them have a one-off relationship with other co-stars, but behind the screens, they’ve all stood the test of time. One such dynamic duo is of the two most stunning and strongest women of the show, Millie Bobby Brown and Winona Ryder.

From the adults’ gang, everyone’s been a source of inspiration to young Millie with Winona at the heart of it. Winona Ryder AKA Joyce Byre is that one personality that Millie has always looked up to. From being a maternal figure on set to being a guiding angel off-screen, these two have always stuck together. Hear about their relationship live from Millie herself right here.

Millie Bobby Brown refers Winona Ryder as a hard-time supporter forever

The two have been the core members of the Stranger Things cast right from the beginning. Hence, they reasonably share a beautiful bond between themselves. Although she wasn’t so concerned about Eleven’s whereabouts in season 1, we saw her slowly taking up a mother’s role for her towards the end of season 3.

Millie Bobby Brown at a German Comic-con Limited event on the 16th of July this year talked in a segment about her relationship with Winona. Millie praised Winona’s Joyce and said that she’s one of the coolest characters in the show. Whenever she’s on set, she’s just bowing. “She’s always been there emotionally for me and she’s helped me just get through some stuff,” she further added.

In addition to that, Joyce was one such character who was everyone’s favorite. The best partner Hopper could ask for, a fierce and stunning woman, and the most loving and strong mother. She had it all. Also, did anyone notice Eleven’s hairstyle in the latest season? We absolutely love Eleven’s “Joyce” hair in this one, don’t we?

While El is still trying to figure out how to keep up with college and personal crises, she strongly emulates Joyce and Hopper. And she honestly looks adorable!

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It’s great to el and Joyce connect over a tragedy. Likewise, not only Millie, it’s lovely how starting from the creators to all co-stars specifically seek out to her all the time.

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