“Who is he kidding? Not in your life Chappie” – Ryan Reynolds Pushes Back at Hugh Jackman’s Title Suggestion for Deadpool 3

“Who is he kidding? Not in your life Chappie” – Ryan Reynolds Pushes Back at Hugh Jackman’s Title Suggestion for Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been constantly teasing each other since they announced the return of Wolverine. Their shenanigans always keep the fans excited that what might they reveal next about Deadpool 3. Fans have plenty of questions in mind regarding the storyline and title of the movie. Especially, how this funny rivalry between the actors will be reflected by the superheroes on the silver screen.

Meanwhile, we did get some hints from Logan himself on Twitter recently as he suggested a Wolverine & Deadpool re-titling for Deadpool 3. Not to mention he pleaded Academy to not shortlist the Canadian star for Oscar nominations. Otherwise, his frenemy would make the upcoming months of shooting insufferable for him. And now it seems the Free Guy star has come up with a striking response to his title suggestion in a new video.

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Ryan Reynolds is not a fan of Hugh Jackman’s potential title 

Ryan Reynolds recently shared a video on Twitter asking Hugh Jackman to reconsider his title suggestion. Adding more spice to their fierce relationship, the 46-year-old star teased his friend in the new clip. Retaliating at the previous statement made by the Australian actor, he joked that he would rise above it.

Thus, he asked the Academy to nominate the actor for his amazing performance in Florian Zeller’s film, The Son. Moreover, the camera drops at the end and Ryan Reynolds is heard saying, “Wolverine and Deadpool, who is he kidding? Not in your life, Chappie.”

We all know that he finds unique ways to roast people, and it was just another hilarious one. However, besides their bromance and nomination battle on social media, the actors have still kept the title under wraps. There are only hints that the movie title might be a mixup of Deadpool and Wolverine because this project has brought them together in the MCU. The only information we have as of now is that the movie is scheduled to release on 8 November 2024.

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Do you have any suggestions for Deadpool 3? Tell us your ideas in the comment section and stay tuned for more bromance.

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