“How did he get in here?” – Hugh Jackman Is Bewildered to Find Ryan Reynolds in His House

“How did he get in here?” – Hugh Jackman Is Bewildered to Find Ryan Reynolds in His House

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are best friend goals. The two Hollywood stars met on the sets of X-Men Origins: Wolverine years back. They bonded almost immediately and the two have continued to show off their strong bond online.

They are constantly teasing and pulling each other’s legs. The most famous prank that the Aussie actor pulled on the merc with a mouth actor was the ugly sweater prank. The prank became such a sensation that Reynolds used it to raise funds for the sick kids’ foundation. You might think that after that trauma he would think twice before stepping on Jackman’s porch, but he did once again!

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Hugh Jackman has a giant cutout of Ryan Reynolds hanging out in his living room

Hugh Jackman shared an Instagram reel where he showed off a giant cutout of Ryan Reynolds beside a Christmas tree. Hilariously, The Greatest Showman actor wore a perplexed expression, unable to make sense of how he got there.

“How did he get in here? What the hell? This is my home!” he said. Well, it is not known whether the Prisoners‘ actor got the cardboard cutout of his bestie himself or if it was a Christmas gift from the Canadian, but it sure generated some laughs. What’s even more hilarious is their same Santa cap. The cutout is from the Wrexham owner’s latest outing Spirited on Apple TV. The movie also starred Will Ferrell and saw the two take part in a modern musical rendition of A Christmas Carol. 

The duo has already teased that they are teaming up for Deadpool 3, which caused a fan frenzy. Jackman had officially retired from the role of a mutant after his last stint in Logan. However, Reynolds’ offer was extremely tempting. Although Logan died in his solo movie, Marvel has come up with a way to introduce the character into the Marvel fold again without disturbing the current timeline. 

While everything is kept under wraps at the moment, one thing is for sure: they will make a great bickering pair on-screen.  

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