Which Part of Money Heist Is Best? All Seasons Ranked

Which Part of Money Heist Is Best? All Seasons Ranked

2021 saw many splendid shows end. One of these shows was Money Heist. With five long seasons, viewers have seen the characters and plot of Money Heist grow. The two extremely successful heists were divided into 5 thrilling seasons.

Despite the consistently intense plot, some seasons were definitely more exciting and touching than the others. So, which season of Money Heist is the best?

1. Season 3

Season 3 of Money Heist began with Tokyo and Rio’s mistake that encouraged some members and forced the others to join hands again. What changed this time was the motive behind their heist. Though compelling, the Professor’s father and his death weren’t enough of a reason for fans to be on the robbers’ side. This time a group of people with torn families was fighting against anarchy and the freedom of their friend, a backdrop many can get behind on.

The series was a large rollercoaster ride with many thrilling action scenes, with the entirety of season 3 taking the cake. Tokyo and Gandia’s standoff deserves special attention. We also see a more human side of Tokyo and Berlin,.i.e. two seemingly tough characters are significantly more complex than they make themselves look. The best plotline, inarguably, was that of Nairobi’s. The unwavering character has one vulnerable spot- her son- and it was thrilling to watch Alicia Sierra use it.

2. Season 2

The second season of Money Heist was genius, period. We see the best of the Professor’s ideas and counterattacks. It was during this season that we also see Raquel Murillo in full action. From Moscow’s extremely tragic death to the iconic Bella Ciao, the season has it all. We also witnessed some of the Professor’s most ingenious moments, including the one where he disguises himself as a clown and gets to Angel before anyone else.

The season also had the best ending so far. Yes, this includes season 5 as well. Berlin sacrificed himself in order for the gang to escape, showing the perfect redemption arc.

3. Season 1

Money Heist was a small project before Netflix adapted it and produced it in its signature extravagant style. The season, much like the initial seasons of Game of Thrones, did not have much to offer in terms of visual splendor, but that did not stop it from being amazing.

The story began with Tokyo being caught up in the middle of a failed heist and having to break her familial ties. We see how the Professor brings the group together and why they resonate with each other so much.

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Viewers see the heist being explained and built from scratch. They see the absurdity of it and realize how impossible it all sounds. But they also watch it being flawlessly executed. There also is the budding romance between Monica Gaztambide and Denver, and of course, Tokyo and Rio that adds to the human elements of the show.

4. Season 4

Season 4 had little to offer apart from setting the stage for a splendid fifth season. Everything was falling apart for the gang as the police capture Lisbon and the Professor and his plan fell to pieces. Even the fan-favorite Nairobi, the only consistent character, is killed. Gandia goes to the police and vows to return stronger than ever. Things were bleak for the heist in this season and it was evident in the plot.

5. Season 5

Last comes the final season of Money Heist-season 5. The second heist had already been going on for 2 full seasons. By this time during the course of the series, fans began sensing how the creators were dragging the show too long. The season was released in two volumes of 5 episodes each. Although dragged out, the final season did have its moments.

The defining element of season 5, inarguably, was Alicia Sierra and her redemption arc. While many are conflicted about how the robbers got their ending, all fans collectively agree that it wasn’t executed as well as it could have been.

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So, which season of Money Heist do you think is the best? What other elements of the Netflix Original do you think could change this ranking?

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