Take This Official Money Heist Quiz by Netflix and See if You’re a True Fan!

Take This Official Money Heist Quiz by Netflix and See if You’re a True Fan!

Netflix has stuck the landing of Money Heist season 5 volume 2, a feat that many shows have failed to achieve. However, satisfying the fans is a tougher task, and hardly any series is up to the challenge.

What if the fans had to prove their loyalty to the series to demand anything from the series? Thus, we have got a Money Heist quiz to test your knowledge.

Let us quickly go through the rules. The quiz has four stages, with the level of difficulty increasing after each stage. You will get six seconds to answer each question. So, unleash the Professor in you to win this Money Heist quiz.

Money Heist Quiz: Level I

The quiz starts slow and steady, with only three questions in this round.

  • What anthem do the robbers sing throughout Money Heist?
  • Who is the first robber to die in the Royal Mint Heist?
  • What does Berlin steal in Copenhagen with his son?

If your answers are Bella Ciao, Oslo, and Viking Gold respectively, then you have aced this section. We could get to see the Viking Gold heist if the creators include it in the spinoff series based on Berlin.

Level II: Halfway

This level has four questions demanding more from the fans.

  • What is the name of Marseille’s pet ferret?
  • Who played the cameo of Joao the monk?
  • How much money did the gang steal from Royal Mint?
  • What is the name of the scheme used to free Lisbon from the Police?

The answers are Sofia, Neymar, 978 million euros, and The Paris Plan, respectively. Although Money Heist only features Neymar, the series has made celebs like Stephen King and Ed Sheeran fall for its charm.

Money Heist Quiz: Level III

Fans might find the questions in this section tougher than the last one as we are progressing towards the final stage.

  • Where do Stockholm and Denver live after the Royal Mint Heist?
  • What song does Berlin sing at his wedding?
  • How many children does Bogota Have?

Your answers should be Indonesia, Ti Amo, and seven, respectively. Even though these were minor details that most people miss, a genuine fan would remember them.

The Ultimate Level

If you haven’t given up yet, then you deserve a pat on your back. The last section only has three questions, so prepare yourself.

  • How does Lisbon’s ex-husband describe the professor after fighting with him?
  • How many heists did Tokyo pull off before Money Heist began?
  • What nickname was Rio given as a child?

The answers to these questions are “Chuck Norris with glasses”, 15, and Thunderbolt, respectively. Even if you did not score high on the quiz, you could always flex this knowledge in front of fellow watchers.

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Let us know in the comments if you are a “Mastermind” or a “Fool’s Gold”, depending on your score on the Money heist quiz.

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