Money Heist Ending Was Re-Written 33 Times!

Money Heist Ending Was Re-Written 33 Times!

La Casa de Papel finally met its end this past week, with the crew fleeing away with tons of Spanish gold. A journey of 5 long seasons concluded as we saw The Professor and his gang of robbers fly into the sunset. It is always a tough task to create a show that is this remarkable, but it is an even greater task to end such a show. So when it came to writing the ending for Money Heist, it was a behemoth task.

A show as successful and engrossing as Netflix‘s Money Heist will make the audience guess about its future storylines. You always have some of the most creative minds from the viewers predicting the destiny of your show and its characters. Hence, the creator of the show, Alex Pina, had to write and re-write the ending for the show 33 times! Yes! He actually wrote the ending 33 times in order to arrive at the perfect culmination of the story.

Money Heist Ending – Why was it re-written so many times?

Alex Pina had a clear idea about how he wanted the entire story to end. In his mind, it was nothing but perfection. However, as the story progressed, the team realized that the initial idea was not good enough for the show. Pina was hell-bent on creating the best ending possible.

He wanted to give the series a fitting end, something that will leave everyone watching satisfied. However, he soon realized that it would not be a straightforward task. Hence, Pina was ready to give it everything he had. The creator was even ready to re-write the entire ending of the Netflix Original 30+ times if that was what was needed.

Alex was determined to serve the audience with the best thing possible; it showed as he never hesitated to change the story in order to create more drama and chaos between the characters of the show. Even the actors had a tough time adjusting to this, as they never knew what was going to happen next with their characters on the show. It was not until the 33rd version of the script when Alex was contented with the ending.

With the show concluding the original story, we now await the spin-offs for the show. Are you excited about it?

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