Which Classic Movie Characters Does the ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Think Can Survive Demogorgon?

Which Classic Movie Characters Does the ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Think Can Survive Demogorgon?

The Stranger Things cast have time and again escaped from the horrors of the Upside Down, although sometimes by a hair, but they are still alive and kicking. Some credits do go to the writers who refuse to kill the characters much to the joy of the fans. But we think, after four seasons, the cast has now earned the right to name fictional characters from other sci-fi greats that they think can evade the Demogorgons. Let’s find out their picks!

Winona Ryder is convinced Neo from The Matrix is the one

Winona Ryder does not doubt that Keanu Reeves’ Neo from the groundbreaking Sci-fi movie The Matrix can fight the Demogorgons. Well, Neo does have the fighting skills, and boy, would he look cool while he throws punches at the creature in his sleek, long overcoat and glasses. Interestingly, both Winona and Keanu had worked on several projects together. Their recent projects include the 2018 Destination Wedding.  

Sadie Sink and Caleb McLaughlin both agreed on Marty McFly. The teenage boy from Back To The Future can use the DeLorean time machine to send it some other timeline. Plus, if he’s ever stuck, he doesn’t need Dustin; he has a better partner, Dr. Emmett Doc Brown, to help him out! 

Lastly, David Hopper has a very different answer. He picked David Gene Hackman’s Norman Dale from Hoosiers. According to him, the coach with a spotty past can actually give a great pep talk to the kids before he becomes food to the Demogorgons. Well, that’s quite the end to a character. 

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Stranger Things season 4 hints that Vecna is alive

Vecna is terribly injured but isn’t dead. The final showdown between Eleven and Vecna considerably weakened him. Not to mention the very human trio, Robin, Steve and Nancy did add some salt to his wounds when they snuck on him. But the finale revealed that Will continues to feel the familiar sensation that Vecna isn’t dead. 

Are we going to have a Harry Potter and Voldemort-like showdown in the next season of Stranger Things

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