MISSING? Kanye West Disappears Into Thin Air Ahead of $4.5 Million Worth Lawsuits, Confirms Business Manager

MISSING? Kanye West Disappears Into Thin Air Ahead of $4.5 Million Worth Lawsuits, Confirms Business Manager

Has Kanye West disappeared? The rapper has been popping up everywhere in the last couple of months, with his offensive comments escalating with every public appearance and offending an increasing number of people. But that has effectively and greatly affected his relations with other businesses. His partnership with Adidas, Balenciaga, and GAP ended in a bad way, and that has taken a toll on his finances.

The singer was a successful billionaire, who made more money from his fashion partnerships than his music. With the wealth declining, and his expensive divorce with Kim Kardashian, a lot of associates are left unpaid. One of them is on hunt for the artist as he seems to have disappeared.

Former Business Manager hunts for Kanye West as his wealth depletes

While Kanye West seems to appear on social media regularly, he is seemingly difficult to find in real life. As per ALLHIPHOP, Thomas St. John, Ye’s former business associate, wants to serve the rapper with a legal notice. The two made a contract about St. John’s payments, to ensure they flow in on timely basis. Although they would get along well, there was a heated argument, after which the payments halted. The breach of this contract is what the legal notice is about.

The Gold Digger rapper wanted him to become the Chief Financial Officer of Donda, for which a monthly retainer fee of $300,000 was to be paid. The lawsuit read, “[St. John] needed a guarantee that [West] wouldn’t abruptly abandon the commercial relationship, in addition to the financial costs and hazards associated with committing to [West] as client.” It also stated how St. John had agreed to make a contract about it of at least 18 months. But the likelihood of him getting paid is less, considering Ye’s financial crisis.

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In divorce case with Kim Kardashian, the court ordered him to pay $200k in child support. Even his home renovation came to a halt after his financial trouble, in fact he is now selling his collection of luxury cars for other expenses. His alleged absence is similar to his absence when West’s former legal counsels wanted to serve him the notice and couldn’t catch hold of him for the same. It remains to be seen if the singer will come out of his supposed hiding anytime soon to make another controversial statement.

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