Kanye West Makes It to the List of Polarizing Influencers for Having Staunch Supporters Despite Controversies

Kanye West Makes It to the List of Polarizing Influencers for Having Staunch Supporters Despite Controversies

While this year belonged to controversial celebrities, Kanye West likely became the biggest controversial celebrity this year. Mostly for all things wrong. The singer was always known for practicing his freedom of speech and being open about his opinions. For a long time, everyone, including his partnership companies, turned a blind eye.

But this year, along with his divorce, anti-Semitic rhetoric, and comments on black historic personalities has led to a real-time backlash. A big chunk of people began distancing themselves from him. While his downfall is only speeding up, there is still a chunk of people that are staunchly supporting him.

How Kanye West fans still support and believe in him

Kanye West pops up in the news for new controversies every week. Despite it, die-hard fans of his began trending the “He Made Graduation”  hashtag on Twitter. This was the third album of his musical career. As per BusinessInsider, there are staunch supporters who continue trying to bring his narrative in a positive light and believe in him no matter what he says. Ye first began with the “Deathcon 3 to Jewish people” comment. Instead of apologizing, he doubled it down by claiming how Jewish people are trying to control the industry. Some of the notable personalities that he named were Mark Zuckerberg and Harley Pasternak amongst others.

After Balenciaga, Adidas, and GAP broke relations with him due to his statements, his wealth depleted big time. But instead of that stopping him, he continued going on interviews. He eventually started publicly admiring Hitler, even praising him for his ability to run the Nazi group successfully. But those in support question why the artist is not allowed to practice his freedom of speech, and whether the Jewish community is immune from any criticism.

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Meanwhile, his Reddit fan club r/Kanye Reddit eventually turned itself into a holocaust discussion center after Ye’s interview with Alex Jones. There was a bloodbath of bans on the site to avoid spreading his hateful message further. But then, thousands of accounts still remain that stand by him. Do you think he was the biggest polarizing celebrity this year? Comment your thoughts.

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