When Millie Bobby Brown’s Mother Called Her ‘woke’ For the Right Reasons

When Millie Bobby Brown’s Mother Called Her ‘woke’ For the Right Reasons

Millie Bobby Brown and her unique qualities of being a pro at everything she does always stand out. Be it acting, rapping, being a total savage Queen, or even teaching someone about something, she has always given her best. But what do you think she would have been while teaching her own mother?

In a podcast interview, Millie opened up about the differences in the linguistics of this era and the one it followed. She spoke about how our speaking mannerisms are way too indifferent to our previous generation. To explain further, she gave an instance about her mom.

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Millie Bobby Brown talks about feminism and women’s empowerment

Although the discussion in the show was not anything about it, Millie somehow managed to give us an insight about learning new things. The host asked the Stranger Things star whether the concept of feminism has always been there within or was acquired with time. Millie admitted that she has never really understood it in her answer. Sharing a moment about her mom, she said her mother is always proud of her for she is so ‘woke’ given the circumstances of today’s world.


She continued to elaborate that it is sometimes interesting to spread awareness just in order to widen your knowledge. Hence, just like her mom, it is sometimes really funny and good to learn things eventually and work for the better. By this, she meant that feminism too is just as good and really important to press on and support. The actress is still much young to be called a feminist. However, her optimistic answers throw light on what a powerful woman Millie is going to be.

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Brown has always been the living epitome of women’s empowerment and strength. Gaining such global acclaim and glory merely as a child is symbolic of what extent women can go up. Not to forget, that apart from feminism, Brown also cares about child education and development. The British star, just at the age of 15, was given the badge of UNICEF’s youngest ambassador. This was owing to her will to contribute to mending the lives of uncountable children throughout the globe.

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