12-year-old Millie Bobby Brown Wanted THIS Grammy Winner to Sing At Her 13th Birthday

12-year-old Millie Bobby Brown Wanted THIS Grammy Winner to Sing At Her 13th Birthday

We all have our wishes when we enter a special phase of life. Each of us has different fantasies that we wish were true. For a 12-year-old Millie Bobby Brown, it was no different. Being a child actress back, she then did hold her back from being a complete personage.

Even if she was a star in herself as she is now, the pre-teen wanted a special gift from one of the most celebrated personalities in the industry. As her present, she wanted the artist to sing her happy birthday when Stranger Things was about to enter the teenage phase of her life. Do you know who the singer is?

Whom did Millie Bobby Brown wish to sing her a birthday song?

It is no wonder that the star has no shortage of fans worldwide, but along with them, she is the favorite of each film actor/actress out there. Having this edge, the star, in an interview, wished for a Grammy winner to perform at her party and sing her a couple of lines as she were to turn a teenager. It was none other than Adele. On the red carpet during her, the Stranger Things supernova opened up on her thirteenth birthday.

Millie reportedly affirmed that “She is a really good singer,” referring to the English singer and songwriter as one of her biggest inspirations. Moreover, Adele is the only person Millie considers an idol. When asked who would inspire her throughout her career, Millie named Lilly Collins and Felicity Jones the two stars.

The star thinks the “incredible actresses” to be classy and elegantly British. Hence, they can be a guiding light for her throughout her acting profession. Upon being asked about her other birthday plans, the star had nothing but just to hang out with her friends.



Although the star was just a pre-teen then, Brown has always been beyond her years in both maturity and her sense of style. Even today, she is remarkable for her age since the star has already nabbed some of her most outstanding achievements just at 18.

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What would you have wished for your birthday? Also, how did you like Millie’s Jenny Packham and Sodia Webster style? Do let us know in the comments below.

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