“Just go”: When Millie Bobby Brown Snapped At One of Her Haters

“Just go”: When Millie Bobby Brown Snapped At One of Her Haters

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has acclaimed tremendous stardom with her works in the thriller mystery show. At just 18 years of age, she’s achieved the success that many young adults can’t even think of. Right from 2016, when Strangers Things was first aired, she’s been the shiniest star on Netflix. But along with enormous fandom comes an equal amount of hatred.

Nevertheless, the star is ever ready with her savagery to deal with such situations swiftly enough. Here’s a segment where Millie slayed her hater online. 

Millie Bobby Brown being straight savage early in the morning

In a short video uploaded by The Upside Down on YouTube, Millie is seen in one of the goofiest looks ever. The star was nailing her fit one fine morning on her way in the car. While Millie went live, she, unfortunately, encountered a hater straight up saying, “I just hate Millie!” Seeing which Millie warded off the comment with an arrant elegance. The actress destroyed the user by saying, “lady, if you hate me so much, LEAVE.” “Just go!” she added.

Meanwhile, fans have completely ignored the brawl and have laid more emphasis on the voice in the background. Some even suspect him to be Noah Schnapp’s, Millie’s forever bestie. Some say it was her brother, Charlie. The segment just turned a million times hilarious when the person teased the star saying, “aw, so do I.” Fans have found it funny enough to ignore the hater in the video simply Or just so, as the YouTube comments say.

About Noah, from their first day on the set of Stranger Things to entering their final season together, the friendship of Millie Bobby Brown and Schnapp has just continued to grow thicker. The duo is officially an evergreen best friend’s goal for all their fans over time.

Speaking of the hatred about Millie, this isn’t the first time the star encountered anything as such. Nevertheless, Millie is and forever will be one of our favorite stars in the history of Netflix. Ever since Stranger Things and Enola Holmes, this brilliant has been the Queen of top blockbuster shows of the streamer.

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