When Millie Bobby Brown Embraced “the light within the corset” for ‘Enola Holmes’

When Millie Bobby Brown Embraced “the light within the corset” for ‘Enola Holmes’

Perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of being an actor is the ability to travel through time without a time machine. If a film or a TV show showcases a convincing world of the past or the future, the audience will suspend their disbelief and embrace the content. World-building is a noteworthy aspect of an authentic setting. From physical sets to VFX and CGI to color grading, everything falls under that umbrella. Millie Bobby Brown got to explore two very different time periods through her roles in Stranger Things and Enola Holmes.

Another important element is the costume. In fact, fashion sense can co-relate to an era in an instant. No wonder, the 1980s setting in Stranger Things is so believable and so is the late 1800s in Enola Holmes. However, playing the quirky detective was not a bed of roses for the young British actress. In an interview in 2020, Millie shared her struggles with a corset and how she overcame them.

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Millie Bobby Brown donned a corset for Enola Holmes

In an interview with MTV UK, Millie Bobby Brown candidly answered several questions about her detective flick Enola Holmes. When asked about her experience with corsets, Millie had a wonderful explanation ready. She clarified how the garment was era-appropriate.

The society back in the 1800s was so restricted, so when I wore my corset, I felt very restricted,” said Brown.

She further elaborated on how the shapewear provided the required form for “The Lady.” In the film, Enola, as a spy, needed to shroud her identity while simultaneously blending in. That is why she took on a “different kind of persona” to hide her real-life “wildling” personality. So, Brown welcomed the pesky garment to play the part with utmost authenticity. It also helps that the same corset also ended up saving her life later in the film.

I just saw the light within the corset and I just forgot about the fact that I couldn’t breathe,” illustrated the Godzilla vs. Kong actress.

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For those who are unaware, a corset was a tightly fitted undergarment and a shape enhancer worn by women back in the day. Apart from support, it would help train the torso and give an appearance of a smaller waist. It was how women were supposed to look back in the day. Enola Holmes borrows from that time period and plays out a hilarious scene with Millie Bobby brown.

Would you be able to manage all the stunts in a corset? Let us know in the comments. Enola Holmes 2 is all set for its premiere on November 4. With that mere weeks away, you can watch the first part on Netflix for a refresher.

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