“I got in trouble for letting..” – When Millie Bobby Brown Spoke About an Incident During the Shoot of Enola Holmes

“I got in trouble for letting..” – When Millie Bobby Brown Spoke About an Incident During the Shoot of Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown is not afraid to talk about her goof-ups. The Stranger Things actress has been all over social media these days, being an icon for the youth. Thanks to her confident personality, talent, and ability to communicate. The young one found well-deserved stardom at an early age.

After her breakthrough role as Eleven in the American sci-fi series, Stranger Things,  the British actress never looked back. It then led to her working in the movie of her homeland with Enola Holmes, alongside Superman’s Henry Cavill and Pistol actor Louis Partridge. In an interview for Seventeen magazine, the actress made some interesting revelations that occurred on the sets of the action thriller.

How Millie Bobby Brown got in trouble on the movie’s set

Brown gave an interview along with Louis Partridge back when she played the lead in Enola Holmes. She has portrayed Sherlock Holmes’s (Henry Cavill) younger sister. The movie also saw Partridge as Tewksbury, playing young Enola’s love interest. In a round of Seventeen questions, the duo was asked, ‘What was the hardest stunt to perform’? The duo instinctively pointed at the sequence where Louis is hanging by a train door and Millie was supposed to hold on to him. But her finger got stuck in the door and she had to let go of him. That led Partridge to fall.  According to Millie, “then I got in trouble for letting go of him”, despite her being the one who got hurt.

The actress not only had to deal with the action scenes, but also did them all while wearing heavy Victorian dresses, and fighting enemies. All as a result of the movie being based in England in the year 1884. The movie’s sequel will have Enola trying to follow in her brother’s footsteps, becoming a detective.

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What transpires ahead is a rollercoaster of dangerous situations, adventures and hopefully continuing romance with her love interest Viscount Tewksbury. Enola Holmes 2 will hit the screens on 4 November 2022. Are you looking forward to seeing the chemistry between these two? Let us know in the comments.



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