A Cute Demand on Henry Cavill’s Picture to Sherlock and Enola Holmes Melts Fans in Awe

A Cute Demand on Henry Cavill’s Picture to Sherlock and Enola Holmes Melts Fans in Awe

With less than a month remaining, the Enola Holmes cast and crew are hyping up its sequel now more than ever. From social media posts to interviews and more, they have been teasing fans ever since Enola Holmes 2 got a green light from the streaming giant. Henry Cavill has also joined the mob in exciting the viewers as much as he can. And fans too are engaging with as much enthusiasm as they can muster, while patiently waiting for the detective fiction to make her return.

In one such social media post back in August, the latest Sherlock Holmes actor posted his picture in the detective avatar, reminding the users not much time is remaining in the movie release. While many fans expressed their excitement in the comments, and the Costa Rican singer, Rene Villa, also reacted by demanding to witness a shirtless Cavill in the upcoming movie, it was one specific comment that caught our attention. Be cautious though, the comment aims at nothing but your heart!

A fan wants Henry Cavill to solve this cute mystery

The Witcher actor posted a reminder post for Enola Holmes 2 on Facebook back in August. Among a plethora of fans sharing their restlessness in watching the movie after its release, there is this one comment that would steal anyone’s heart. A fan has demanded the Holmes siblings to next take up the case of Pepe (her cute little pet dog) and help him solve the mystery. What is its mystery you ask? Well, that of missing treats!

Reading it, fans have seemingly melted in awe and even claimed that their pets might also be wondering the same. Some also posted their dog pictures saying Pepe has twins as well.

Knowing Superman’s love for animals in general, and for dogs in general, we can certainly assert one thing: Henry Cavill would put his detective cape on, leave all the other cases aside, and help Pepe solve its mystery. Might as well give the dog a treat.

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Did you go “awwww” reading about the cutest mystery Sherlock Holmes may have to solve? Let us know in the comment section below.

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