Mystery Is Getting Stronger as Millie Bobby Brown Finds a Spark of Romance Amidst Chaos in ‘Enola Holmes 2’

Mystery Is Getting Stronger as Millie Bobby Brown Finds a Spark of Romance Amidst Chaos in ‘Enola Holmes 2’

In 2020, Millie Bobby Brown made fans fall in love with her new character Enola Holmes, adapted from the books by Nancy Springer. Viewers got to meet the little sister of the smartest fiction detective of all time on Netflix. Sherlock Holmes, played by Henry Cavill this time, takes the back seat when his sister is ready to walk on the same path. Enola Holmes received massive attention and praise from the audience, resulting in its upcoming sequel.

Escaping, hiding, and discovering the outer world, this teenage girl has come a long way as she is opening her agency in the sequel. We last got a glimpse of the upcoming movie where this duo of brother and sister keeps bumping into each other. And now the mystery is getting stronger as Millie finds a spark of romance amidst chaos in Enola Holmes 2.

Millie Bobby Brown is dancing to the tunes of young romance in Enola Holmes 2

The official page of Netflix recently shared another sneak peek ahead of the release of Enola Holmes 2. “If you’ve been wondering what Enola and Tewkesbury have been up to, then do I have the clip for you…” read the caption.

In the footage we find Brown addressing the audience once again about her skills or lack thereof in certain aspects.

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“It could be claimed, with some justification, that I might have prepared more thoroughly. But dancing is not one of my core strengths,” stated Enola in the clip. But she soon finds her respite in Tewkesbury at the party. The actress had to attend the ball to find a murderer, but she has no idea of this sophisticated dancing.

So she asks her Viscount friend who has been learning it since childhood to teach her some moves. However, things seem to heat up as Louis Patridge AKA Tewkesbury starts showing some pointers of the couple dancing. This young duo always had that spark and chemistry from the start when they accidentally met on the train.

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To some degree, they are similar since both of them are running from one thing or another in the film. Meanwhile, it seems their partnership will take a new romantic turn in the highly anticipated sequel. As for now, you better hold arms to join Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Patridge at the mysterious ballroom soon.

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