12-year-old Millie Bobby Brown Once Brought Back the Converse Hype With Her Iconic 80’s Fashion Sense

12-year-old Millie Bobby Brown Once Brought Back the Converse Hype With Her Iconic 80’s Fashion Sense

Ever since Stranger Things came into existence, Millie Bobby Brown has been the face of the show. With the iconic 80’s fashion sense along with her masterclass acting as Eleven, Brown established herself as a global sensation among Gen Z fans. Everything that the child actress did became a mounting interest for the Stranger Things fandom. 

Starting from her Eggos obsession to bringing back the Converse hype, Brown skyrocketed the demands that smashed the charts. For instance, the famous sneakers type became a sudden trend after the actress’s stunning photoshoot that surfaced on the internet. Here is how the star brought back the craze of Converse shoes that had lost their essence. 

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When Millie Bobby Brown increased Converse shoe sales with her iconic clip

After Millie Bobby Brown got her massive breakthrough in Stranger Things, she got a lot of offers and projects swarming around her. One of many was the Converse Forever Chuck Campaign, which wanted to shoot a short film promoting the brand. Millie graced the campaign, and the rest is history. Brown’s versatility surprised many youngsters back then. 

The clip reached a large audience, fueling their obsession with the shoes. “When you see a movie character in Chunks, you know they’re doing their own thing,” 12-year-old brown narrated in the clip. Along with Millie, the clip also highlighted many other iconic characters who wore the pair, thus sparking the trend. 

Fortunately, there is yet another season of Stranger Things awaiting the audience to get inspired from its wardrobe. The star, however, has been in the recent news for her other major franchise’s comeback, Enola Holmes. The detective and suspense movie which is to land on our screens next month will have a greater arc of Henry Cavill as Sherlock. Both the British A-listers are anticipated to slay the second installment of Enola Holmes with their intriguing plot. 

Have you been inspired by Millie Bobby Brown and her dressing sense in Stranger Things? What are your expectations from Enola Holmes 2? Have you seen the first movie yet? Tell us all about it in the comments below. 

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