“She’s so good at Instagram…” – Throwback to Sadie Sink Appreciating Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘On-Point’ Social Media Game

“She’s so good at Instagram…” – Throwback to Sadie Sink Appreciating Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘On-Point’ Social Media Game

It is no secret that the Stranger Things cast is a fun group of close-knit friends. Apart from backstage shenanigans and all the award shows fun, the actors truly love and admire one another. One such friendship is that of Sadie Sink and Millie Bobby Brown.

While their impeccable chemistry is absolutely undeniable in Stranger Things, the two also share a beautiful friendship off-screen. In an old interview from 2019, Sink even applauded Brown’s social media presence.

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Sadie Sink on Millie Bobby Brown’s flawless Instagram

In a candid conversation with WhoWhatWear in June 2019, Sadie Sink answered some questions about her Stranger Things cast mates. From fashion sense to social media presence, Sink had to pick which of her co-actors would be present or the best in the given scenarios. Her answer to “who would most likely be caught on Instagram” was her telekinetic teenage co-star. 

She’s so good at Instagram, too,” said Sadie.

She further elaborated on how effortless the photo-sharing platform was for Millie. In comparison, Sink admitted having had real struggles with Instagram. Whether it was posts or stories, she usually could not work her way through the app.

However, Brown could just “whip out her phone and post a story and they are super cute and perfect,” said The Whale actress.

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Millie and Sadie often have only good things to say about each other. Whether it is appreciating each other’s work, fashion sense, or wishing well for one another. In fact, the two young actresses have even taken an adventurous beach trip together. It is a true testament to their real and reel bond. 

On Netflix’s flagship fantasy show, Sadie Sink and Millie Bobby Brown’s characters Max and Eleven had somewhat of a rocky start. Envious of Max’s apparent closeness to Mike, Eleven gave her the cold shoulder throughout season 2. However, in season 3, after a fight with their respective boyfriends, El and Max really cemented their friendship. 

Do you also like Millie Bobby Brown’s Instagram? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch Stranger Things on Netflix for more of Max and El camaraderie.

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