Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink Once Bonded Beyond ‘Strangers Things’ Set on an Adventurous Beach Trip

Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink Once Bonded Beyond ‘Strangers Things’ Set on an Adventurous Beach Trip

Stranger Things has been the seedbed of many deep-rooted friendships amongst the brilliant cast. The entire Hawkins gang always stands as one legit group with thousands of memories. However, there are some duos within the cult who are known for their own stories. The biggest example of such a duo is surely none other than Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink. 

Although their relationship on the screen started off with a bit of indifference, they slowly emerged to be best friends forever. The duo became so close on screen that when the cast and crew of Strangers Things met for a real-life trip, Sadie’s and Millie’s bond gave a straight-up Déjà vu of their enthralling trip on screen, in the star court mall. The pictures of the trip showed them living their lives out together. 

Sadie Sink and Millie Bobby Brown at their Mexican trip in between shots

As reported by People‘s magazine, the two brilliant stars of the show spend some time under the Mexican sun at Cabo. The two castmates went on the trip with their families midway through their shots in the year 2017. Millie, who was then just thirteen, had a great time with fifteen-year-old Sink. 

Both of them gave us some major #Bffgoals as they were seen sprinting through the foamy and crystal waves crashing against the shore. They also held hands as they were walking at leisure, engaged in their own stories. The adorable pictures showed them diving into the fresh seawater together with the utmost joy. 

Post their adventure, Brown also took to her Instagram handle and shared the pictures with her fans. The sweet montage read a heartwarming caption saying the trip was an “honor to spend” with “beautiful people” alongside. The pictures were sure to give the fans a major Déjà vu to their uncannily similar trip around the Starcourt Mall. It was a total flashback to the scene, where our young couples were vexed by each other. As a result, went “bitchin‘” with their comrades. 

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