When Millie Bobby Brown Cringed Watching Her Cute “Potato” Younger Self

When Millie Bobby Brown Cringed Watching Her Cute “Potato” Younger Self

Millie Bobby Brown and the rest of the Stranger Things kids aren’t exactly kids anymore. While they started out really young, the youngest was just 11 years old when the series began, but they are all grown-ups now. All of them are either in their late teens or have stepped into their twenties. Millie for one celebrated her 18th birthday this year. In a recent Entertainment Tonight clip, the actress is made to watch her very first interview and she has the cutest reactions to it. 

Millie Bobby Brown calls her fetus version a “potato”

We can bury our old embarrassing pictures and videos never to visit them again, but Millie Bobby Brown isn’t so lucky. The team at Entertainment Tonight handed her a video of her and David Harbour for their first interview back in 2016. It goes without saying that the actress cringed hard. The clip shows us a tiny Millie with her baby teeth answering questions and just having a fun time bonding with her reel father.

At one point, little Millie doesn’t understand the pun and the older Millie looks visibly embarrassed. She even mimics her younger self, and she sounds exactly the same! But the stark difference in her accent then and now is evident. It even catches Noah Schnapp off-guard who comments, “You had a strong British accent.” Well, apart from the accent and the height, our Millie has remained the same. She is still bubbly and has that big bright positivity about her!

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The actress is making headlines for her Enola Holmes paycheck 

The young girl from the 2016 video grew to become the bonafide star that we know today. The actress has been growing her portfolio ever since her breakout in Stranger Things. She starred in several high-profile projects and even headlined a Netflix movie, Enola Holmes. Now the actress is reportedly reprising the role for $10 million. She also pocketed $30,000 per episode of Stranger Things. 

This makes her now the highest-paid teen actor!

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