When Millie Bobby Brown Could Not Stop Doing the Floss and Henry Cavill Forgot His Lines in ‘Enola Holmes’

When Millie Bobby Brown Could Not Stop Doing the Floss and Henry Cavill Forgot His Lines in ‘Enola Holmes’

The whopping success of Stranger Things 4, as well as the upcoming film The Girls I’ve Been and Enola Holmes 2, have made Millie Bobby Brown a household name. Her portrayal of the psychokinetic Eleven in the Netflix Original even earned the British actress two Primetime Emmy award nominations. With all the surrounding buzz, it’s not surprising that an old video of hers has resurfaced on the internet.

The cast of Enola Holmes mess around on set

Netflix’s Enola Holmes was Millie Bobby Brown’s first film as a lead. It premiered on the streaming platform in September 2020 and won the audiences’ hearts with its charming and wonderfully weird nature. Right around the same time, Netflix Films uploaded a hilarious behind-the-scenes blooper reel of the entire cast.

In the 3-minute laugh-riot of a clip, you can see the actors having fits of giggles after someone messes up their lines. From Helena Bonham Carter (Eudoria Holmes) to Luis Partridge (Tewkesbury), everyone fumbles with their dialogues, and right on cue, hilarity ensues. More than once, Henry Cavill, who plays Sherlock, forgets his lines, which breaks the whole scene and results in even more laughter. The juxtaposition of the intense, dramatic, emotional scenes with endless chuckling is hysterical.

Brown was only 16 at the time of filming, and you can see her having the time of her life. From making weird faces to breaking the fourth wall while rehearsing, she is the life of the set. The highlight of the reel is Brown doing the Floss– a dancing style that was all the rage back then. “I mean, I can do it abnormally fast. It’s quite cool.”, exclaims Brown, all the while doing the move.

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Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes is a movie adaptation of Young Adult fiction written by Nancy Springer. The mysterious storyline follows Enola Holmes, the teen sister of the world-famous Sherlock Holmes. Hidden away by her protective mother, Eudoria, Enola comes into the spotlight once her mother goes missing. Outsmarting her brothers, she makes her way to London in search of her mother.

Amid several plot twists and turning points, she meets Tewkesbury, a lord on the run. Together, they unravel the conspiracy surrounding Tewkesbury that has the potential to affect the entire country adversely. Brown shone as the titular character Enola and was even the executive producer for the film. According to Netflix Geeked, there is even a sequel in the pipeline with her comeback to release soon on Netflix.

If you are living under a rock and still haven’t seen the quirky mystery film, you can do so on Netflix. Let us know how much you liked it and your thoughts about the upcoming Enola Holmes 2 and other projects featuring Millie Bobby Brown.

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