Elizabeth Perkins Should Have Played Enola Holmes’ Mother in the Sherlock Holmes Spinoff Because of Millie Bobby Brown

Elizabeth Perkins Should Have Played Enola Holmes’ Mother in the Sherlock Holmes Spinoff Because of Millie Bobby Brown

Enola Holmes as a whole isn’t a movie one can complain a lot about. From the dialogue to the light-hearted plot, the film really is quite impeccable. Not to mention, so is the casting. While we aren’t used to seeing Henry Cavill play the role of a British gentleman, it was a one finely played indeed. The same goes for Millie Bobby Brown (titular character Enola Holmes), Sam Claflin (Mycroft Holmes), Louis Partridge (Tewkesbury), and all other major characters, including the incredible Helena Bonham Carter.

However, despite Bonham Carter being as perfect as she is, fans have found that this actress would suit the role much better. Find here why.

But, first, was the mother not insignificant?

Anyone who has seen the Warner Bros. picture at the time of its release might not even remember Enola’s mother. After all, it was over two years ago. However, she has a very large influence on the plot and the titular character, albeit from the background. Eudoria had grown up a radical woman wishing for a more progressive world. When she did not see these things changing, she set out to make the change herself. She is what one would describe as a fearless feminist and helps Netflix do what it does best- defeat stereotypes. Another series that does the same is Bridgerton.

From her dauntless nature to her cunning wits, Helena Bonham Carter played the role of Eudoria to perfection. Yet, fans have found that this actress could have fit the role of Eudoria even better.

Millie Bobby Brown and her lookalike

While Carter played the role to perfection, as she does every single time, without fail, she does not quite resemble the lead actress- Millie Bobby Brown. After all, a mother and daughter are supposed to bear some form of resemblance, aren’t they? Well then, who does Brown resemble? Fans have found her perfect lookalike and you can find her pictures below.

Translation: Why doesn’t anyone talk about Elizabeth Perkins’ absurd resemblance to Millie Bobby Brown? Why don’t they cast them to the play the same character in different stages or mother and daughter? Whyy??

On the left, we see Millie Bobby Brown and on the right is actress Elizabeth Perkins who has played many iconic roles in her long-standing career in Hollywood. Some of her most popular projects include About Last Night, The Flintstones, Miracle on 34th Street, among many others. And, considering this comparison picture, she would fit into the role of Eudoria quite well too.

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However, this isn’t a big complaint as fans continue to praise Carter. Stream Enola Holmes on Netflix to see which of the two actresses you prefer. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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