When Kit Connor Made The Legendary Olivia Colman Forget All Her Lines For An Adorable And Wholesome Reason

When Kit Connor Made The Legendary Olivia Colman Forget All Her Lines For An Adorable And Wholesome Reason

Heartstopper is a coming-of-age drama that has made the audience fall in love with its sweet, charming cast. Adapted from the webcomic written by Alice Oseman it talks about the blooming romance between Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson. The show became irresistible when it first arrived on Netflix and instantly gained popularity. Also, it depicts the glitter-drenched characters who make you believe how beautiful life can be.

Even when you are going through bad phases through the lens of the trans community. While we think it’s not just fans who are overwhelmed by the enchanting faces in the show. The iconic actress Olivia Colman forgot her lines seeing the beautiful face of Kit Connor.

The Heartstopper blooper video will make you go awestruck

Taking a cameo role in Netflix’s Heartstopper, Olivia Colman portrayed the role of Nick’s mother. A blooper clip shared by the official page of Netflix on Twitter made fans’ hearts melt. The post stated:

“Heartstopper was released three months ago today. To celebrate, here’s Olivia Colman momentarily forgetting her lines because she’s so charmed by Kit Connor’s sweet face.”

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In the video, Olivia was taking a shot with Kit when she went lost mid-scene and forgot her dialogue. She was struck by the heart throbbing performance and sweet face of her costar. After hugging him she said: “I can’t remember my words, I just got all overwhelmed with your little face.” So the cast handed her the script as she seemed all emotional. Take a look here:

Nick comes out as bisexual to Sarah in the last scene of the season

The Oscar-winning actress of The Favourite has played the role of a supportive and smart mom in the show. As we saw how heartedly she reacts to the revelation of his son’s sexuality. Because Nick has been contemplating his identity over the course of the first season.

In this beautiful scene, Nick finally decides to talk about his relationship with Charlie. He looks anxious about how Sarah would react to this, and he speaks with a shaking voice:

“Charlie’s my boyfriend, I still like girls,”

He added: “But I like boys too. And me and Charlie, we’re going out. And I just wanted you to know.”

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Moreover, the scene concluded with Sarah apologizing to his son if she ever did anything to hurt his feelings. And thank him for telling her that he is bisexual as she would support him no matter what he chooses to be in life. If you haven’t watched this captivating teen romance, go stream the whole season immediately. So you can see how amazing mom Olivia has been in the show. And don’t forget to let us know how you liked the series.

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