When Henry Cavill Was Paired With Shakira, Days After Her Separation

When Henry Cavill Was Paired With Shakira, Days After Her Separation

You may know Henry Cavill from his recent Netflix fantasy drama show, The Witcher, and mostly Superman. One of the most handsome actors in Hollywood has made an inevitable place in the hearts of his fans. Many adore him for his extremely attractive looks, from his blue eyes to the perfect jawline. The 39-year-old actor has been seen with many beauties over the years while has been tagged with others by the fans.

However, pairing him with Shakira, days after her separation, was something that made everyone wonder. Since there were strong indications that led fans to go gaga about them having a connection or something, let’s see how Twitter users went crazy after they saw some flickers coming up.

Are Henry Cavill and Shakira seeing each other?

A few months back, Shakira and her ex-partner confirmed that they were ending their marriage after 11 years of togetherness. Soon after, fans started to ship her with the most eligible bachelor Henry Cavill because the versatile singer followed The Witcher star and Chris Evans on Instagram.

This action triggered the rumors that they both might be seeing each other. According to Lifestyle, Twitter went into meltdown where fans commented and shared tweets about these famous stars. Moreover, there was another incident that kindled these flames of rumors.

As viewers saw Henry Cavill talking to a reporter on Red Carpet but he suddenly looked back at Shakira. The video instantly went viral on social media, and fans started seeing them as a might-be beautiful couple. We all know that Shakira is one of the most talented singers existing in the world today. In comparison, Henry is also one of the most renowned and beloved actors.

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The Enola Holmes star isn’t available at the time

This might be heartbreaking for all the female fans of Cavill that the man is not single at this point in time. Certainly, he neither seems to have any interest in Shakira, as the rumors say because he has been dating the beautiful Natalie Viscuso for more than a year. Moreover, the actor likes to keep his personal life and doesn’t give many people to churn on.

What do you think about this powerful woman Cavill is currently dating? Do you like to see them together? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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