“Its the savory answer”- When Henry Cavill Let Out the Big Secret to His Cardio and Made the Entire Studio Coo With Excitement

“Its the savory answer”- When Henry Cavill Let Out the Big Secret to His Cardio and Made the Entire Studio Coo With Excitement

Henry Cavill is considered one of the most handsome men in the world. The Man of Steel actor is not only gifted with beautiful blue eyes, a perfect jawline and height but also maintains a great physique. He is known to keep a strict diet to go along with his gym routine. But fitting into Superman’s shoes takes some super effort as well. It often makes people wonder what it takes to look like a superhero.

The Witcher actor is a role model for many fitness aspirants. People often ask Henry about his physique, and in an interview, a talk show host asked Cavill about his secrets to fitness and choice of exercise for cardio. But his answer was so spicy that it left the entire room cooing. What did the handsome-nerdy actor say?

Henry Cavill reveals a spicy secret about his choice of cardio workout

Henry Cavill is often asked about his diet and workout routine, which gave him the Superman look. During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, the talk-show host displayed Men’s Health magazine with Cavill on the cover. Fallon admired Cavill’s 6-pack abs and the two discussed the latter’s diet routine and the need to stay in awesome shape for Superman.

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And as they discussed abs and mass building, Fallon asked Jimmy what he does for cardio. Cavill took a thoughtful pause and slyly uttered, “I run. That’s the savory answer.”. But the audience catches him hinting about something else, and so does Jimmy, who then asks him to tell the real answer. This is when Henry points at the audience and goes, “I think they get it”.

That moment of him addressing the crowd left them cooing in excitement. Jimmy caught up on the real answer too and agreed that Henry’s choice of exercise does burn a lot of calories. Whether his answer is genuine or not, we do not know. But the actor’s answer sure left the audience surprised and revealed his hilariously evil side. We will likely get to see more of it in Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2.

What do you think about Cavill’s answer to having a lot of humping for cardio? Did he mean it, or was it just out of the fun? Let us know in the comments


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