When Henry Cavill Revealed an Incident That Made His Mother Say ‘It’s easier to clean the blood’

When Henry Cavill Revealed an Incident That Made His Mother Say ‘It’s easier to clean the blood’

There is no denying that Henry Cavill is one of the greatest action heroes in the world right now. In his acting career of over two decades, the British Superstar has featured in a lot of action dramas. Some of his finest works include Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Mission Impossible: Fallout, and the television series The Witcher

With so many action films in his arsenal, it is understood that Henry Cavill has a command over stunts and fighting scenes. The British actor has also received training in various martial arts forms like Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu to essay his roles in the movies to perfection. Meanwhile, Henry mastered the art of fighting in his childhood only. A video has resurfaced where the actor can be seen recalling an incident that made his mother be fed up with his fights.

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Henry Cavill narrates a hilarious episode from his childhood

During an interview, while promoting The Witcher, interviewers questioned Henry Cavill about the action scenes. To this, the 39-year-old hilariously mentioned that he has grown up with four brothers, namely Charlie, Piers, Niki, and Simon Cavill. Just like any other siblings, physical fights were common between Henry and his brothers. They would often hit each other in places that would make them bleed. 

The constant fights between the brothers often resulted in them bleeding and messing up the house. Thus, their mother found a perfect solution as she abruptly changed the wallpapers of their house. 

“The color of the wallpaper had been changed, and [my dad] went to my mum and said, ‘What’s the deal with the wallpaper change because I thought we discussed these things?’ And she just very, very simply said, ‘This is easier to clean the blood off,’” Henry Cavill was quoted as saying in an interview with Diana Mendez. 

Henry shares a close bond with his brothers

The five brothers usually didn’t show any mercy while playfully attacking each other. However, they had just one rule: not punching in the face. The siblings also made sure that the other person didn’t get stitches. 

Meanwhile, the five brothers share a close bond with each other. Henry Cavill has often mentioned that his brothers play a significant role in keeping him grounded despite all the success and fame.

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Have you also had fights like these with your siblings in childhood? Do let us know in the comments.

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