“What’s good about it…” – When Ryan Reynolds’ Kids Were Not Impressed With Him Being On TV

“What’s good about it…” – When Ryan Reynolds’ Kids Were Not Impressed With Him Being On TV

Ryan Reynolds is the brightest soul in Hollywood who constantly keeps the days bustling with laughter and smile. His humorous personality in movies gives fans moments of amazement from Deadpool to Free Guy. The actor has become so famous for his sense of humor that even his normal conversations seem funny or we can see he is always like that. And we have seen the Red Notice star hasn’t left his kids out of his hilarious remarks on Twitter. But it seems his kids once gave him tough competition in his dark humor. What did they say to him? It certainly has something to do with the actor’s career.

Ryan Reynolds’ kids did not believe him that he was coming on screen

We all know that kids don’t understand the ways of the world at a young age and they say what is on their minds. Since children do not apply any filters to what they want to say to a person. This is what Ryan’s kids did when he told them that he was going to be interviewed by Good Morning America.

In the interview video, the anchor addressed Ryan Reynolds, saying that now his kids might know that their parents are big names in the entertainment industry. In response to the statement, he revealed that his kids reacted as any kid would do.

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“They’re like what’s good about it I was like it’s called Good Morning America and they’re like can you say hi to me,” explained the Canadian actor.

He added that the kids asked him to do things like “pull my eyes” and “rub my sleeve“. It is adorable how these small kids have no idea about the stardom their parents have. A big reason for this could be Blake Lively, who is protective of her kids and keeps them out of the talks of media.

One of the biggest stars of Hollywood cannot win in front of his beautiful daughters. However, there is no doubt Ryan and Blake are the coolest parents. After their marriage in 2012, the couple welcomed three girls in the family: James, 7, Inez, 6, and Betty, 2. Moreover, their fourth kid is on the way to becoming an addition to this adorable family.

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