“I was just joking around” – When Ryan Reynolds Got in Trouble With Tom Arnold for His Sense of Humor

“I was just joking around” – When Ryan Reynolds Got in Trouble With Tom Arnold for His Sense of Humor

Ryan Reynolds has finally started shooting the most-awaited movie Deadpool 3 after a break of four years. The comic book character Wade Wilson has always been associated with the actor because of their similar traits. In movies, Deadpool is hilariously lethal as the artificial mutant healing factor left him insane.


He also has a habit of jumping to the screen and addressing the audience directly to tell his side of the story. Just like Ryan who keeps on coming back to his fans with new comical moments and quirky comments. We have seen him making dark comments on Twitter and roasting his friends with quick wittiness. However, there was a time when he got in trouble with Tom Arnold for his sense of humor.

Ryan Reynolds once made an unlikely comment on Tom Arnold

In 2008, Ryan Reynolds sat down with Conan O’Brien to talk about becoming the new face of People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive. In the late-night show, the host teased him about their last meeting when he commented on Tom Arnold. The Canadian star stated how his comment during an interview led to an embarrassing situation.

The whole story was that the actor had abs and an amazing physique on the cover page of the magazine. So in the 2008 interview, he said that when he breathes out he looks like Tom Arnold. This comment turned out to be humiliating for Arnold who was working on his body.

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“Well, no, I was just joking around, I don’t know why it popped into my head,” explained the Red Notice star. When Ryan returned home after that interview, Tom Arnold was already there waiting for him. The Adam Project star instantly apologized to him and explained that whatever he said was unintentional and momentous.

However, the shocking thing was that Arnold already lost 50 pounds and the actor felt bad that his comment negated his hard work. Meanwhile, he planned to make up for his mistake with a gift and bought a bottle of champagne.

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Unfortunately, this also went wrong as it turned out that Arnold was recovering from alcoholism at that time. Well, Ryan Reynolds tried his best to make amends with one of the famous faces of American cinema.

Do you find it funny how the Deadpool star got played by his situation? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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