“What the hell does this guy know…” Ryan Reynolds Attacks $1 Billion Worth Businessman Over ‘Welcome to Wrexham’, Only To Regret Later

“What the hell does this guy know…” Ryan Reynolds Attacks $1 Billion Worth Businessman Over ‘Welcome to Wrexham’, Only To Regret Later

If there is one actor who never shies away from saying what he feels, irrespective of the consequences, it is Ryan Reynolds. In the past, the Deadpool actor has also made statements that raised some eyebrows, but that did not stop Reynolds. From pranking his co-actors to trolling his wife online, Ryan has done it all. Despite making various comments and statements that might be a little controversial, Ryan has never taken his words back until now.

Recently, an American businessman Michael Eisner praised the docuseries based on the Welsh football team, Wrexham Association Football Club, featuring both the owners of the club, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. Instead of thanking him, Ryan decided to tweet a witty reply but soon after decided not to. But why did he stop midway? 

Ryan Reynolds gives a witty reply to a business owner, only to regret it later

In recent times, Ryan Reynolds has become a target for all media houses due to his rising popularity. Apart from his films and series, Merc with a mouth is also in the news for his investments. After he purchased Wrexham A.F.C., the Free Guy actor gathered enough attention for the docuseries about his football team.

Michael Eisner, the former chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, too, lauded Welcome to Wrexham on TwitterThe American business tycoon praised the series for perfectly capturing the emotions and angst felt by the fans. Furthermore, he appreciated both the co-owners, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds. However, instead of thanking him, the Deadpool actor decided to get back at Michael, only to rue it later.

Initially, Reynolds wanted to troll Michael on Twitter, questioning Michael’s knowledge about emotional storytelling, but stopped as soon as he realized it was billionaire Michael Eisner. Previously, Eisner was the president of Paramount Pictures and worked at various television networks like NBC, CBS, and ABC.


Ryan’s tweet received mixed reactions from the fans. While some found the tweet hilarious, others sarcastically asked Reynolds what he knew about football. However, most of the tweets were from fans appreciating the show.

Welcome To Wrexham has released nine episodes and has received a great response from the audience so far. Two more episodes of the sports docuseries will release on 28th September.

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2 thoughts on ““What the hell does this guy know…” Ryan Reynolds Attacks $1 Billion Worth Businessman Over ‘Welcome to Wrexham’, Only To Regret Later

  1. Reply
    September 26, 2022 at 6:41 am

    Where is the tweet where he “attacks” Michael Eisner?

    The tweet in the article is not an attack. It’s a sarcastic tweet, which Ryan is very well known for. How is this even an article? I love how the author thinks that Ryan can’t edit tweets in the middle of writing them. He assumes that once he started the tweet as an attack, he then stopped to actually check the name, and then regretted it. And instead of deleting the tweet (which is what any rational person would do if this weren’t a sarcastic tweet) he continued with “Oh”.

    Ryan knows who the fuck Michael Eisner is, and was using sarcasm to emphasize that Eisner knows about emotional storytelling. Fuck.

  2. Reply
    October 16, 2022 at 7:20 am

    We just found “ Welcome to Wrexham” – we are binge watching to catch up. Love it!!! I have googled the team standings – we are now fans. The intensity of game and the fans is amazing. Great documentary – so fun.

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