‘Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds and MCU’s Star Lord Have One Troubling Similarity

‘Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds and MCU’s Star Lord Have One Troubling Similarity

The Ryan Reynolds we know today is an action hero, with a kick of humor. But it did not start that way for the Red Notice lead. The actor’s fame game began with playing a superhero in Marvel’s Deadpool. The success of this movie definitely helped him enter the Hollywood A-list category. But his natural comedic trait has never left him through his action movies. Before the success of his career as a superhero, he was known for his comedy movies like Definitely, Maybe, and Ted.

Meanwhile, Chris Pratt, who plays Starlord MCU’s character, started on small screens and made it onto big screens. Chris and Ryan share certain similarities. Being a family man, rising to prominence through a breakthrough action movie, and being married twice. But some fans think that there is one particular similarity the two share, which may be a bit troubling.

The common issue with Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pratt’s career

Ryan Reynolds began his career with light and comedy content and later moved on to action movies that brought him huge success. Similar is the story of Jurassic Park actor Chris Pratt. Chris began on the small screen as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation. As his success took off, he went into a streak of action movies right from Guardians of the Galaxy to The Tomorrow War. Both actors went from being their regular funny selves to bulking up in the gym for center leads. While fans love and support both Chris and Ryan’s success, they feel like the two are being cast in the wrong roles.

The discussion on this topic happened on Reddit. The topic was ‘What actors are you tired of seeing getting roles?’ The author put the 6 Underground lead and Passengers hero in the same category since both have had similar careers and patterns of growth. Although their roles have become bigger, they lack any true meaning. The user was of the opinion that both should be going back to playing comedic roles. Especially Chris, since Ryan can still be entertaining playing off his current roles.

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Although after finding success in fantasy movies, it is unlikely that the two will go back to their old and beloved roles. Do you think Ryan and Chris should return to comedy movies? Let us know in the comments below.

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