What Is the One Thing Most of Us Can Relate to Along With Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds?

What Is the One Thing Most of Us Can Relate to Along With Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds?

No matter how big of a celebrity you are, when self-consciousness hits, it hits. The Croods stars, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds are no exception either. Although they have established themselves as one of the most sought-after personalities in the industry, they got their ‘yikes’ moments too. And like any of us, it is them listening to their voice submission for The Croods and doubting their general existence. 

As reported by the Independent, the two stars once sat for a decade-old interview where they spoke about what it feels like to have traded your voices for so long. “I still can’t believe I sound like this,” said the then-24-year-old actress, Emma Stone. Ryan Reynolds keeping his top-notch humor intact played along saying even he cannot believe why she sounded like that either. 

Stone also confessed how it feels like hearing your voice back on a voicemail. However, Ryan Reynolds took the lead again and confidently confessed that it was not Emma Stone alone. The sound of the water also comes in shrill and brutal. Nonetheless, they all got accustomed to being neat. 

The stars had voiced in a 3-D animation series named The Croods. The 3-D film also stars Nicolas Cage, takes place in prehistoric times, and focuses on the world’s first family, the Croods. 

What was Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone starter, The Croods all about? 

In an animated feature from 2013, a family of cave people has come to know by the signs on their cave wall that their time is soon ending. Led by the eager and notoriously headstrong Eep, voiced by Emma Stone, she continually pushes the parental envelope laid down by her fearful but pragmatic father, Grug, voiced wonderfully by Nicholas Cage, to always retreat back to the relative safety of their cave. However, with the signs coming, the inevitable could not be avoided.

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Eep starts to lead the charge to change which helps when she encounters, Guy, voiced by Ryan Reynolds, who is all about getting to safety at a distant set of mountains before the inevitable happens. Upon closer introspection, the animated movie was focused more on bringing others together, than blowing them up. 

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