Fans Go Berserk as ‘The Boys’ Celebrates Acknowledgement For “giant fake pen*s” in a Horrific Twitter Post

Fans Go Berserk as ‘The Boys’ Celebrates Acknowledgement For “giant fake pen*s” in a Horrific Twitter Post

The Boys is just not any one of the newest edgy comic books, it has much more to it. A grotesque splashy parody of all Marvel superheroes coming together to save the world but there is much more than what meets the eye. The violent filled blood-drenched anti-supe satire is currently one of the best shows to ever exist in the television industry. Fans are already on the edge of their seats to get the fourth installment of the series. Worry you not since we already got some rib-tickling hilarious news for all The Boys enthusiasts. 

Despite being a priceless, gore, cult classic, the Philip Sgriccia-directed series has won just a few notable awards thus far. The Primetime Emmy-winning show has got way too less accolades than it actually deserves. Fans were already missing the show like mad and were quite a bit frustrated about its unexplainable fewer nominations. Nonetheless, the official Twitter account of the series did the needful. The recent hilarious update has evidently cracked up the fans real bad. 

The first nomination for The Boys with a giant pen*s

A few hours ago, The Boys took to its Twitter handle to acknowledge a precious awards nomination for the show. It was a nomination for the Visual Effects Society Awards honoring one of their outstanding visual effects in a photoreal episode. However, what sent a tickle down the ribs of the fans is the ‘diabolicalgiant fake penis in the background. The tweet even wrote “First awards nom ever involving a giant pen*s.” it further extended its sarcastic congratulations to Stephen Fleet and the crew. 

The picture evidently had the top head of a gigantic pen*s with flakes of unreal snow squashed before it. The crew could evidently put up a nonchalant composure and continue doing their jobs, but our enthralled fans could not.  

The size really does matter, after all,” said a user quoting the hilarious picture.

Another user shared another picture of the hilarious prop with a glimpse of one of its diabolical seasons. “Not sure a year would help me get over that scene but damn it was funny,” he wrote. 

The others also shared their “deadass” reactions as they had first watched the scene. The scene was evidently from the first episode of the third installment of the franchise. 

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What was yours as you watched it in the anti-supe satire saga? Are you excited for the next installment just as we are? Let us know in the comments below. The Boys is currently streaming live on Amazon Prime Video

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