What Happened at the End of ‘In From the Cold’ on Netflix?

What Happened at the End of ‘In From the Cold’ on Netflix?

9 years after The Americans, another boring American family was living in the country hiding their past as Russian spies. With In From the Cold, Netflix has brought this family’s story to the forefront. Created by Adam Glass, the Netflix Original has Margarita Levieva as the Russian spy, who tries to protect her family. With a complicated and intense backstories, the series had everyone at the edge. The ending only made everyone edgier, so here we are trying to decode the last episode of the show.

Premise of In From the Cold on Netflix

The show opens at Spain, where strange murders are taking place using the same signature as a former Russian spy The WhisperMeanwhile, Jenny is an overprotective, recently-divorced mother of Rebecca and has traveled to Spain to accompany her daughter to the global ice-skating championships. She had started a new life for herself, leaving behind her days of being The Whisper. However, when the CIA kidnaps and threatens her new life, she get a rude throwback to her past. Suddenly, she is forced to go on missions or stand to lose her family.

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How does the season end?

In From the Cold, as mentioned above, kept all us at the edge of our seats despite the lukewarm reviews it received. Tension is built progressively, until it all unravels in the last episode, which sees Jenny making hard choices to save her daughter, two American lives, and life of Spain’s president.

The end left us all in shock when the person responsible for the murders and Rebecca’s kidnap turns out to be Jenny’s mother and former handler Svetlana Petrova. In a quest of revenge for being jailed after Jenny’s escape from Russia, Petrova goes on a killing spree. With the fate of Europe and her new life at stake, Jenny takes the hard call of killing her own mother.

Recognizing her as a valuable asset, The CIA offers Jenny a job, which she gladly accepts. And just when we thought that the show would end on a happy note, Jenny re-assumes her Russian spy position. Through a phone call, she informs someone in Russian that everything is going in plan.

After the ending fans had only one question: were the events of the show, then, part of an elaborate plan? Let’s hope there’s a second season to answer this question for us. Meanwhile you can stream In From the Cold on Netflix.

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