What do Blake Lively, Drake, Will Smith, and Stephen Curry Have In Common?

What do Blake Lively, Drake, Will Smith, and Stephen Curry Have In Common?

Trips to the hollowed halls of Cheesecake Factory seem to be a celebrity affair! And neither Drake nor Blake Lively missed making it a widely known fact. While Drake has this admirable knack for making his songs about things and people he loves, Lively and her interviews about her time with hubby Ryan Reynolds are just what we long for. Well, these are not the only two celebrities.

Apart from having a strong sense of humor, a rather sarcastic tone, and aching at everything they do; stars like Will Smith and the NBA all-star, Stephen Curry, have one more thing in common. If they had to choose one restaurant to go to for a meet-cute, or even some quality family time, they would perhaps choose the Cheesecake Factory line above all.

One go-to place for many celebrities, including Blake Lively, Will Smith, and Tom Holland, you must visit

Standing at 12th rank in the Fortune list of top 100 companies (2020), The Cheesecake Factory is a notable line of restaurants, living a legacy of providing their customers with true flavors of American food. And Hollywood celebrities seem to enjoy it. Back in 2013, when The Cut apparently asked the Gossip Girl actress about a hypothetical date, and her reply came within a second. The scent of her first date and the one she would now go to would smell like Cheesecake Factory.

“I would go to New Jersey for Cheesecake Factory and Grand Lux,” Lively had told The Cut when they pointed out she will have to travel far enough.

And guess what? She is not the only celebrity who would opt for the place for a nice date. Zendaya and Tom Holland also had the time of their life at one of the branches and we all had our awe moment when she posted Holland’s cutest picture captioning “when you take your foreign friend for their first Cheesecake Factory experience.”

Stephen Curry and Will Smith are also in the line

Notably, back in May 2010, the all-star NBA player also made his love for the dining place official. Specifically, their appetizers. He apparently took to Twitter to inform (what seemed more like a suggestion) his fans that he had the world’s best appetizers at that place. They have perhaps got not only the perfect pre-game meal but also the meal celebrities would prefer using to pre-game an actual game.

Furthermore, just a year later, the company’s Sherman Oaks California-based branch had the delight to serve not one but two legendary personalities: Will Smith and another NBA star Shaquille O’Neal. The two reportedly (via People) bumped into each other and exchanged some playful banter, bridging the celebrity gap in an admittedly admirable way. O’Neal is notably a restaurant regular.

There are more…

Following this lexicon, celebrities like Cardi B, Mindy Kaling Blake Shelton, and Britney Spears also have nothing but praises to sing for the restaurant. Funnily, while pregnant, Halle Berry left a 50% tip on her bill back in 2008; Spears and her family loved the food so much that she forgot to pay her tab at Cheese Cake Factory some four years later.

Moreover, Kris Jenner and the entire Kardashian family are also very much fond of the restaurant. Kris Jenner has apparently referred to the restaurant in her music video, “I Love My Friends.” Kendall Jenner also enjoyed a number of dates there. Furthermore, before Ye and Kim Kardashian divorced, he also took his eldest daughter, North West, to its Los Angeles-based branch.

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With headquarters established in Calabasas, California, and the United States, the company has 219 full-service restaurants so far, out of which 13 are under the Grand Lux cafe brand.

Have you been to any of the branches of the Cheesecake Factory thriving since 1992? If not, what would you want to try there first? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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