What Do Anime Fans Want From the New ‘Death Note’ Netflix Adaptation by Duffer Brothers and Do They Really Want One?

What Do Anime Fans Want From the New ‘Death Note’ Netflix Adaptation by Duffer Brothers and Do They Really Want One?

Over the years, Netflix has desperately tried to develop a successful Death Note adaptation. The super successful anime/manga series has always been a dream project for the streaming service. However, they never could find the missing piece that could make their adaptation worth it.

But now, it looks like they have finally found the last piece of the puzzle. Just recently, it was announced that The Duffer Brothers, who have enamored the whole world with their insanely profitable series Stranger Things, will be making a live-action Tv adaptation of Death Note.

But will it change how the fans feel? Let us look at what the fans think about this new endeavor by the Brothers and Netflix.

What are the fans saying about the new Death Note adaptation by Netflix?

No one can deny the level of success and fortune The Duffer Brothers have brought to Netflix. The Brothers have singly handily created one of the most successful shows of the 21st century.

And that’s why the streaming service is entrusting them with multiple new projects, including a Death Note adaptation. But considering the rather bumpy past Netflix has had with the adaptation, fans certainly aren’t too hopeful about the announcement.

Many are already debating if the adaptation was necessary and what they think about it. Reddit has become a platform where many are voicing their thoughts about the Death Note adaptation.

Some of the opinions by fans are.

  • “Bring back Willem Defoe as Ryuk.”
  • “The original creators show it was possible. But I have absolutely no faith whatsoever with American creators doing it remotely well at all.”
  • “Anything the Duffers are involved with is an instant watch for me.”
  • “I always thought death note could be done well since it’s more of thriller/mystery.”

This will be the second anime adaption

Previously Netflix made a live-action Death Note film in 2017. The film had a stellar star cast, including the likes of Nat Wolff as Light Yagami, the great Willem Dafoe as Ryuk, and LaKeith Stanfield as L.

The movie did well neither among fans nor critics. But now that the Duffer Brothers will be bringing their talents to the project, it certainly has become an adaptation to look out for.

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What are your thoughts about the new project? Should Netflix consider working on yet another Death Note adaptation or not? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.



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