Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazzo, “65”, Have a Reverse Relationship From ‘Stranger Things’ in Real Life for Dating Advice

Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazzo, “65”, Have a Reverse Relationship From ‘Stranger Things’ in Real Life for Dating Advice

It’s the bromance between Steve and Dustin that overshadows all other romantic ships in Stranger Things and there are a ton of them. They solidified their bromance status in season 2 when Dustin and the kids needed help, and Steve helped them out. He was a major player in keeping them safe and fighting the monsters from the Upside Down. His bond with Dustin is seen more as an older brother/friend that Dustin admires. While in the show it’s Dustin that seeks advice from the love guru and chick magnet Steve, but in real life, it’s the total opposite. Here’s what Steve actor Joe Keery has to say about his co-star. 

Joe Keery thinks Gaten will provide the best dating advice 

Gaten Matarazzo is 19 years old, but according to Joe Keery, he is an old man trapped inside a teen’s body. 

Gaten is like 65. He’s had a whole life,” he said laughing in an interview for the Stranger Things season 3 promotions. Both Maya and Joe unanimously agreed that Gaten is the go-to guy for best dating advice. The whole relationship between the two is flipped outside of Hawkins! Not only that but Joe also picked Gaten as the best singer at Karaoke. The two get along really well behind the scenes. However, Joe is still not a part of the kids’ group chat. He sulked that he’s “not cool enough” for the kids! 

Meanwhile, Joe’s onscreen ex-girlfriend, Natalie Dyer (Nancy) picked him as the wisest of the bunch for dating advice. 

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Steve and Dustin going strong in Season 4

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Steve and Dustin’s bromance continues even in season 4. But a new entrant, Eddie adds competition to the ship. Both develop a special bond with Dustin with Eddie sacrificing himself to save Dustin. In the absence of Jonathan Steve gets a chance to get closer to Nancy and try once more. Obviously, Dustin catches on to that and taunts him. The older teens at Hawkins all come up with a plan to risk their lives and go after Vecna, but things don’t go as planned.

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