Weirdly Filtered Sad Nick and Charlie Images Flood Twitter as Joe Locke and Kit Conner Initiate the Banter

Weirdly Filtered Sad Nick and Charlie Images Flood Twitter as Joe Locke and Kit Conner Initiate the Banter

The sad face snapchat filter has gone viral since it’s inception. It’s a filter in the photo app that turns people’s faces into crying ones. The popularity of the filter means no celebrity is bereft of it. Fans have tried the filter on almost every celebrity in the limelight.

Heartstopper stars Kit Connor and Joe Locke are the definition of limelight after the show released. The chemistry and their characters, Nick and Charlie, have has left fans wanting for more. The cast of the show love indulging the fans on Twitter in casual banter and in one such post, Kit Connor tried out the snapchat filter that sent fans into a filter-fit.

Sad Nick and Charlie images come up on the internet after Kit and Joe’s banter with fans

The snapchat filter is cracking people up so hard because of the astute change of emotions and the suddenness it changes with. Following the hype on Twitter, Kit Connor retweeted Joe Locke‘s Tweet with his picture in the crying face filter.

The filter is so funny that it left people rolling on the floor laughing. It certainly triggered comments where fans used the filter on every Heartstopper photo they could think of.

Some fans just knew Kit Connor is at one corner, planning his revenge.

The Heartstopper wave

Nick and Charlie’s looks are heart stealers but what makes them more lovable is their constant interaction with fans. The easy-watch Heartstopper, picked up really well with the audiences because of their charm and chemistry. The show aptly portrays the LGBTQ+ emotions and encourages the ones having problems dealing with their sexuality. Riding the Heartstopper wave, many people have come out of their closet or to their parents.  

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Heartstopper is adapted from a book of the same name, which blew up on TikTok in the pandemic. The already famous characters were given proper justice by Kit and Joe as they were more adorable than readers’ imaginations. Heartstopper follows teens struggling with problems pertaining to sexuality and validates many as they watch it. If you haven’t yet watched the series and want to catch up, here it is. Also here is the snapchat filter for you to try.

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