“It’s really sweet”: Joe Locke Reacts to His Fans ‘Coming Out’ After the Release of ‘Heartstopper’

“It’s really sweet”: Joe Locke Reacts to His Fans ‘Coming Out’ After the Release of ‘Heartstopper’

Joe Locke is the lead actor in the show Heartstopper. The series portrays the romance between Charlie Spring (Locke), a shy and comfortable with his homosexual identity, and Nick Nelson (Kit Connor), a popular, rugby player, is based on a graphic novel by British artist Alice Oseman. The show has had a huge success among critics and fans, with the internet stormed with appraisals for the show’s approach toward the young LGBTQ+ community.

And many more have thanked the performances of Kit and Joe for helping them come out to their families. In a recent interview, the British actor was asked what he felt about such an overwhelming response. And he had the following to say.

Joe Locke on Heartstopper helping people

Heartstopper has been a huge success for Netflix. Season one of the show has a near-perfect score on RottenTomatoes and is among the most-talked-about show on Twitter. Among the many praises that the Netflix Original is receiving, the accurate portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community is at the top.

People absolutely love the way the show portrays crucial topics like coming out to your parents, discovering your preference, and funnily enough, texting.

So now that the show is riding a huge wave of success, many of the cast members have talked about the great response they received.

While talking about the immense support and love the show received on Twitter. Joe says that it is important that people are talking about the show on social media as “social media has been a great thing in learning about the world and learning about different people and what is out there.”

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Many people have also posted about the show giving them the courage to come out and be their real selves. While discussing this aspect, Joe Locke says that it is indeed a great privilege to see the show getting this amount of love. He says, “Yes, I’ve seen a few of them. It’s really sweet.”

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Meanwhile, you can still watch Heartstopper on Netflix.

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